“Yes We Dance!” Project

On October 13, 2023, Professor Yasuhisa Hirata, a member of our research laboratory, will collaborate with Professor Eric Monacelli from the University of Paris-Saclay in France to perform a “Smarter Inclusive Dance” as part of the “Yes We Dance!” project.

“Smarter Inclusive Dance” is a form of dance that allows everyone, regardless of age, disabilities, or differences, to dance together on the same stage without any boundaries, thanks to AI robot technology. During the performance, Alain de Campos will play the drums, Rina Kohmoto will be on the piano, and the facilitators for inclusive dance will include NPO “Minna no Dance Field” members Nishiyoko, Yuki Akita, and Hinano Toda.

The “Smarter Inclusive Dance” performance is open to anyone interested, and you can register for attendance via the following URL.

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