Research Topics


Passive Robots

Passive Walking Helper - RT-Walker

Motion Support System Using Wires with Servo Brakes

A Mobile Robot Platform Using Double-Wheel Caster Units Based on the Servo Brake Control

Caster Type Passive Robot Porters - C-PRP

Passive Robot Porters - PRP

Human Robot Interaction

A Phantom-Sensation Based Paradigm for Continuous Vibrotactile Wrist Guidance in 2D Space

HumanState Estimation

Wearable Support System WALK II

Sit to Stand Assistance based on a Human Model

Omni-directional Walking Helper

Motion Control of Cycling Wheelchair for Hemiplegia Patients

Motion Control of Cycling Wheelchair with Continuously Variable Transmission and Clutch

Cycling Wheelchair type mobility assistance robot

Multiple Robot Interaction

Formation Control of Multiple Non-driven Rover

Formation Control of Multiple Passive Boat

Coordinate Transportation of  a Single Object by Passive Robot Porters

Multiple Mobile Manipulators Coordination

Passive Walking Helper - IP Cane