Notice of participation in the conference

Lab members, Mr. Aoki and Mr. Akash, gave presentations at SII 2023. The names of papers, authors, and session numbers presented by each are as follows.

Mr. Goro Aoki
Article name: Nursing Care Teaching System Based on Mixed Reality for Effective Caregiver-Patient Interaction
Author name: Goro Aoki, Jose Victorio Salazar Luces, Seyed Amir Tafrishi, Ankit A. Ravankar, Yasuhisa Hirata
Session number: ThP2M3.6

Mr. Akash Chikhalikar
Article name: An Object-Oriented Navigation Strategy for Service Robots Leveraging Semantic Information
Author name: Akash Chikhalikar, Ankit A. Ravankar, Jose Victorio Salazar Luces, Seyed Amir Tafrishi, Yasuhisa Hirata
Session number: FrA1M3.2

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