RSJ 2021

Students in our laboratory presented their research at the 39th annual conference of the Robotics Society of Japan (RSJ 2021, online) . The conference was held from 8th to 11th in September 2021.

Authors and title of the presentations are:

Zhenyu Liao, Jose Salazar, Yasuhisa Hirata, “Outdoors Sports Guiding Using Haptic Feedback”, RSJ2021, 2A1-03, 2021

Breno Yamamoto, Jose Salazar, Yasuhisa Hirata, “Steering Assistance Control of an Electrically Assisted Tilting Tricycle”, RSJ2021, 2A1-05, 2021

Koen Hertenberg, Jose Salazar, Kengkij Promsutipong, Yasuhisa Hirata, “Telepresence Robot System Operated by a Cycling Wheelchair”, RSJ2021, 2A2-02, 2021

武川 智輝,サラザル ホセ,平田 泰久,”マルチモーダルフィードバックを用いたゴルフパッティング練習システム”  ,第39回日本ロボット学会学術講演会,3H1-01,2021

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