Notice of participation in The Conference

Mr. Yukan and Mr. Kawasumi, who are members of our laboratory, made presentations at academic conferences. The names of academic societies, session numbers, and the titles of papers presented by the two speakers are as follows.

Mr. Yukan

Society name : MIPE2022 (2022, 8/28 ~ 8/31)

Session number : A1-4-03

Article name : “Development of a Simulator for Garment Handling using Dual Manipulators”

*Yukuan ZHANG, Jose Victorio SALAZAR Luces, Yasuhisa Hirata (Tohoku University)

Mr. Kawasumi

Society name : RSJ2022 (2022, 9/5 ~ 9/9)

Session number : 4G1-02

Article name : “Monte Carlo Dropout法による不確実性を考慮した歩行者の移動予測”

*Ayumi KawasumiYusuke TamuraYasuhisa Hirata (Tohoku University)

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