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R&D of adaptable AI-enabled robots

R&D of adaptable AI-enabled robots

01 Human/Environment-adaptive transformable robot mechanism

Graduate School of Information Sciences,
Tough Cyber Physical AI Research Center(concurrent post),
Tohoku University
TADAKUMA Kenjiro, Associate Professorweb site >
Human/Environment-Adaptive Transformable Robot Mechanism will allow to build robots that support the human body gently and firmly while changing itself according to the human and the environment. The robots are, what is more, light and soft, strong and powerful, and safe and secure.

02 Smart skin enabling adaptable contact

Faculty of Frontier Engineering, Institute of Science and Engineering
Kanazawa University
WATANABE Tetsuyou, Professorweb site >
Smart Skin Enabling Adaptable Contact can be adjusted in terms of softness, temperature, moistness, and smoothness, so that humans forget that they are being touched by a robot.

03 Assistive control with multi-point contacting by multi-DoF robots

Mechanical Systems Engineering, Faculty of Engineering
Shinshu University
YAMAZAKI Kimitoshi, Associate Professorweb site >
What part of the clothes do you need to hold and how do you move them to make humans change their clothes? Assistive Control will enable robots to perform complex tasks on objects that change shape including humans or clothes.

04 Human-Robot Integrated Interface

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering
Kyushu University
KIGUCHI Kazuo, Professorweb site >
Human-Robot Integrated Interface will enable to convey what humans are feeling to robots, and what robots are feeling to humans, so that humans can feel a robot as if it were part of their own body.

05 Smart Assist Wear

Graduate School of Engineering Science
Osaka University
HARADA Kensuke, Professorweb site >
Smart Assist Wear, which is as light and comfortable as regular clothes, will read human conditions and gently assists their movements and feelings.

06 Adaptive Limbs

Institute of Innovation for Future Society
Nagoya University
HASEGAWA Yasuhisa, Professorweb site >
Adaptive Limbs will be able to stretch, shrink, and change shape flexibly. They will support humans as their third limb, fourth limb, fifth limb, and more.

07 Environment-adaptable human/object manipulation mechanism

Graduate School of Science and Engineering,
Yamagata University
TADAKUMA Riichiro, Associate Professorweb site >
Environment-adaptable human/object manipulation mechanism, which is flexible sheets, will cover existing furniture and gently support and manipulate things on it.