SII2020 SII2020 - Master 1st year student Kengkij presented his research at SII2020 in Hawaii Convention Center, Honolulu, Hawaii. The conference was held from 13th to 15th in January 2020. The author and title of the presentation are: J. Salazar, K. Promsutipong and Y. Hirata, “Indoor Wayfinding for an Electric Wheelchair Based on Wi-Fi Fingerprinting Localization,” Proceedings of […]
IMG_3733 SI2019 - Master 2nd year students Saito and Nagai presented their researches at SI2019 in Sunport Takamatsu. [...]
lab_introduction Research meeting with Kitamura laboratory - We held a research meeting with Kitamura laboratory on October 29th. We introduced our lab, and showed the demonstration of our robots. Aftar that, the member of Kitamura lab gave us the introduction of their lab. We have few chances to interact the laboratory of other major, so we enjoyed this event very much. After […]
imoni The imoni party - We held an imoni party at Usigoe bridge riverbed on October 21st! We enjoyed two kinds of imoni , Sendai-style and Yamagata-style(Halal). The picture shows the imoni party.
lab_members_20191009 New members have joined the Lab! - 7 students have joined the Hirata-Weng-Salazar laboratory as a new member from October! The picture is taken at our laboratory.
IMG_9306 CBS2019 - Assistant professor Salazar presented his researches at CBS2019 in Munich, Germany. The conference was held from 18th to 20th in September 2019. Authors and titles of the presentations are: Jose V. Salazar Luces, Kanako Ishida, Yasuhisa Hirata, “Human Position Guidance Using Vibrotactile Feedback Stimulation Based on Phantom-Sensation”, CBS2019 Interactive Session Paper 40
IMG_8932 LIFE2019 - Master 1st year student Yamaguchi presented his researches at LIFE2019 in Keio University Hiyoshi Ca[...]
rsj_kanban RSJ2019 - Assistant professor Salazar, and 5 students from our lab presented their researches at RSJ2019 in Wa[...]
CIMG0688 Open Campus 2019 completed! - Thanks to so many visitors(around 350!) Open Campus held on July/30 – July/31 successfully completed. This year, we introduced Passive Rover, Haptic Device and Rehabilitation System using cycling wheelchair and VR. Thank you for coming! We are looking forward to meet you next year!
2019_poster_English ABOUT OPEN CAMPUS 2019 - Open Campus will be held on July/30/2019 – July/31/2019. We will have some demonstrations of our research. We are looking forward to seeing you. Schedule July/30/2019 – July/31/2019 9:00~16:00 Place Mechanical Engineering Research Building-M.A.E 5F#523 Hirata,Weng, and Salazar Laboratory More details of the location can be found here